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Dr Srikanth Prasad Tripathy Director
Dr Luke Elizabeth Hanna Scientist E
Dr Beena Elizabeth Thomas Scientist C
Dr Uma Devi Scientist D
Dr Dina Nair Scientist C
Dr Ramalingam Bethunaickan Scientist D
Dr Pradeep Aravindan Menon Scientist F
Dr Anand A R Scientist D
Dr Hemanth Kumar AK Scientist C
Dr Kannan P Scientist D


Nations within a nation: variations in epidemiolog...

Author: LalitDandonaRakhiDandonaG AnilKumarD KShuklaVinod KPaulKalpanaBalakrishnanDorairajPrabhakaranNikhilTandonSundeepSalviA PDashANandakumarVikramPatelSanjay KAgarwalPrakash CGuptaR SDhaliwalPrashantMathurAvulaLaxmaiahPreet KDhillonSubhojitDeyManu RMathurAshka

Efficacy of a 6-month versus 9-month Intermittent ...

Author: S. Swaminathan and G. Narendran and P. Venkatesan and S. Iliayas and R. Santhanakrishnan and P. A. Menon and C. Padmapriyadarsini and R. Ramachandran and P. Chinnaiyan and M. Suhadev and R. Sakthivel and P. R. Narayanan

CYP2B6 G516T Polymorphism but Not Rifampin Coadmin...

Author: Geetha Ramachandran and A. K. Hemanth Kumar and Sikhamani Rajasekaran and P. Kumar and K. Ramesh and S. Anitha and G. Narendran and Pradeep Menon and C. Gomathi and Soumya Swaminathan

Depressive symptoms and human immunodeficiency vir...

Author: Steven A. Safren and Beena E. Thomas and Matthew J. Mimiaga and V. Chandrasekaran and Sunil Menon and Soumya Swaminathan and Kenneth H. Mayer

Paradoxical Tuberculosis Immune Reconstitution Inf...

Author: Narendran, G. and Andrade, B.B. and Porter, B.O. and Chandrasekhar, C. and Venkatesan, P. and Menon, P.A. and Subramanian, S. and Anbalagan, S. and Bhavani, K.P. and Sekar, S. and Padmapriyadarshini, C. and Kumar, S. and Ravichandran, N. and Raja, K. and

Enhanced mucosal and systemic immune response with...

Author: Manocha, M., Pal, P.C., Chitralekha, K.T., Thomas, B.E., Tripathi, V., Gupta, S.D., Paranjape, R., Kulkarni, S., Rao, D.N.

Evidence for high prevalence & rapid transmiss...

Author: Mehendale, S.M. and Shepherd, M.E. and Divekar, A.D. and Gangakhedkar, R.R. and Kamble, S.S. and Menon, P.A. and Yadav, R. and Risbud, A.R. and Paranjape, R.S. and Gadkari, D.A. and Quinn, T.C. and Bollinger, R.C. and Rodrigues, J.J.

Gender and socio-cultural determinants of TB-relat...

Author: Somma, D. and Thomas, B.E. and Karim, F. and Kemp, J. and Arias, N. and Auer, C. and Gosoniu, G.D. and Abouihia, A. and Weiss, M.G.

The Tuberculosis Cascade of Care in India’s Publ...

Author: Subbaraman, R. and Nathavitharana, R.R. and Satyanarayana, S. and Pai, M. and Thomas, B.E. and Chadha, V.K. and Rade, K. and Swaminathan, S. and Mayer, K.H.